Mineral Foundation

Too often, skin conditions like acne, rosacea, or pigmentation can affect our self-confidence. They scar our face, and hide the true beauty that was there. Aphrodite Mineral Foundation works to hide away the problems and return that natural beauty. This foundation gives your skin a radiant, natural look, not by concealing your face underneath a mask, but by covering those small imperfections and bringing your face back to the beautiful, natural look it once had.


Aphrodite Mineral Foundation is one of the most versatile types of foundations on the market. It works brilliantly as a concealer, foundation, powder, and SPF15. By combining all these uses into a single container, the Mineral Foundation is the one stop solution to almost problem that may arise.


The Foundation provides long lasting results, so you won’t have to keep stopping your life to reapply the makeup. With a flawless finish and brilliant coverage, you won’t need anything else to show off your face’s beauty.